“Let Us Teach You How To Make 10 Fireworks Projects in a Weekend…Even If You Are a Complete Pyro Newbie”

Plus It’s Perfectly Legal and Much Easier Than You Probably Think

In just a few days we’ll be releasing our much-acclaimed Turbo Pyro fireworks kit at a very special price. Simply put, Turbo Pyro is the fastest and cheapest way to learn to make fireworks.

Turbo Pyro is loaded with idiot-proof instructions, hundreds of color photos and diagrams, even videos to show you how every critical step is done…

…plus we include all the hard-to-find pyro chemicals, supplies, and special tools you need to complete all ten of the projects in Turbo Pyro (don’t worry, there’s enough materials to build 92 fireworks).

We’ve put together 3 special resources to help you determine if Turbo Pyro is right for you.

  • How to Make Flying-Fish-Fuse Mines – the complete chapter straight from the manual – you’ll see for yourself just how easy Turbo Pyro makes learning to build fireworks.
  • Special Report: Fireworking Safety, the Law, and You – learn exactly what you need to know the legalities of making fireworks
  • Building a Safe Fireworks Magazine Step-by-Step Instructions – if you make ‘em, you need a safe place to keep ‘em until you are ready to light them off.

We’ll be sending out these 3 gifts over the next several days, but only if you want them. Just ask sweetly by giving us your name and email below.

All you have to do is put your name and best email address in the boxes below and click the “Get Instant Access” button.